Have you ever wondered how some people get a lot of tasks done in a relatively short period of time without looking like they completed the marathon after them, asks  Michael Eckerman? If you have a lot of stress and a lot of tasks, and you feel overburdened and overwhelmed you have to sit down and reevaluate the situation, suggest Michael Eckerman. If you don’t do it after some time signs of being tiresome and working too much and no getting any rest will show up in your speech, appearance and face.

Michael Eckerman

Michael Eckerman shares three essential tips on how to manage your time properly so you can be efficient and productive but still have time for you family, rest or just to taking a vacation break from time to time.


One of the most important elements of good time management is efficiency. You need to be able to delegate tasks whenever possible. For example, do two tasks that can be combined into one and by doing that you will see that you will have more time to work on other tasks. Eliminate time-wasting tasks or find a different method for doing them, because wasting time one meaningless tasks isn’t right, shares Michael Eckerman.


  • Being able to plan ahead is imperative. When you make a good schedule and balance your duties so that you do them when you need them to be done, in time, you will find that the stress level will be lower and you will be able to delegate time to other tasks much better than before, reminds Michael Eckerman.  Sit down, rethink your schedule, change and rearrange. Be Productive! Maybe it sounds odd but when you plan then you can make changes.


  • It is imperative to do be able to work in a team.When you have tasks that you can share with other people to get them done faster you have to do it. It is sometimes hard to get out of your comfort zone and allow other to participate in your work and most people struggle with that but it is the way successful people get through a lot of tasks without being overwhelmed, shares Michael Eckerman.


Let others help you and take on tasks that you don’t have time for. Plan ahead, and balance your time.Learn about new ways on how to get things done and be efficient. If you can win as a team it is better to win that way then not to win at all, reminds Michael Eckerman.